Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send Stage-in-a-Box anywhere in the World?

Yes, we’ve sold to schools, colleges and individuals right across the world. See our International Page for details.

Can I pay for Stage-in-a-box with a credit card?

Yes you can. Contact Richard [] for details.

Is the Pad -Pocket included in the set or is it an additional extra?
It’s an additional extra.
Can I get any of the other components separately?

Yes you can. Customers often get extra lights and ‘actors’ and they are on the order form, but if you want any other additional pieces, just send Richard an email for details: []

I’d love to get a Stage-in-a-Box for my school but my department can’t afford to pay for it all just now. Can we spread the cost?

Yes you can. We offer a 2 year payment plan which does not charge interest. See the order form for details.

How long does Stage-in-a-Box take to be delivered once we’ve put the order in?
Under normal circumstances it takes, in the UK, about 3-4 working days. International orders take about 5-10 days on average.